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About us

All praise belongs to Allah Ta'ala, The only eternal being worthy of worship. Peace and salutations be upon His beloved Prophet Muhammadﷺ, his blessed companions(Radi Allaahu Anhum), his family, and all the accomplished servants of Allah Ta'ala.

We are living in an era where there is abundance of secular knowledge. With this, comes an increase in the misguidance of religious knowledge. There are people who on the basis of secular knowledge, want to propagate the teachings of The Holy Quran and Hadith according to their wishes, desires, and with ignorance. Furthermore, there are some secular minded people who have a frame of mind that is against religion. They are critical of the religious knowledge because they want to stay away from religion.

With the advancement of the materialistic world, families are migrating from their native countries towards the western world. Sadly, some get carried away with the glamour of the materialistic world and lose their religion and culture. However, there are many who become more mindful towards their religion and culture than before. They put more emphasis in living their life in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

One truth we cannot shut our eyes to is that the children of these migrants now grow up in an environment where the English language is the means of communication, and they get used to the language. There are many families who put emphasis on their children speaking their mother tongue at home and around families. But we still cannot brush aside the fact that most of the time their interaction is with the people whose mother tongue is English. Despite this marvellous effort of the parents, these children are oblivious of a lot of vernacular vocabulary. They attend mosques and religious gatherings where religious sermons and lectures are mostly in vernacular language. They do listen with obedience, but sadly they cannot understand a lot of it.

It is for this reason, the speeches of the honourable presenter, Peer Syed Imroz Dean Saifi Hanfi Maturidi has been translated into English language, and also so that the non-Urdu speaking Muslims all over the world may benefit from this. The speeches translated in this book are irrefutable work on providing the practices and beliefs of the Ahlus Sunnah Wa Jama'ah for a lot of questions raised in the present time.

Every attempt has been made to the best of the ability to translate the honourable presenters speech into English. Any errors in the translation should be attributed to the translator and not to the honourable presenter.

This website is a project of a group of disciples of Hazrat Allama Wa Maulana Peer Syed Imroz Dean Saifi Hanfi Maturidi, based in Auckland New Zealand. All the translations has been done by a disciple of Peer Sahib based in New Zealand. However, there has been immense contribution by other disciples of Peer Sahib in New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, and in Surrey BC Canada.

We supplicate in the court of Allah Ta'ala to grant us barkat in imaan, knowledge and rizq and may He grant us the ability to serve the Deen of Islam with more sincerity. We also make dua that Allah Ta'ala accepts this effort. We request the readers to make dua for us sinners.